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Intimate Destination Wedding in California Redwoods

December 3, 2019

Kim and Robin chose to have a relaxed and intimate wedding under the California Redwoods in Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park in August. The day started at the campground with breakfast tacos, friends, dogs and coffee—basically all the ingredients you need for a good life. Post taco consumption, we knew the day was off to a spectacular start!

Robin got ready for the ceremony in a cabin in the campground and Kim got ready in her family’s travel trailer with the help of their family and friends. They had their first look at the base of one of the giant Redwoods. There were a few tears, some laughter and obviously a lot of love. I think this was the part of the day where I started smiling really big and couldn’t stop until the very end.

The ceremony was quick, emotional, and happy. Afterwards, everyone shared smore’s (with different types of outside pieces like stroopwafel, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Peppermint Paddies), homemade chili, cake, and drinks. The rest of the day was Kim and Robin getting to be with their friends and family while spending time in such a magical place. Guests and photographers had all been asked to wear their favorite flannel for the wedding, which ended up looking awesome in photos and a neat way for everyone to look cohesive while rocking their own personal style.

The night ended when it got too dark to keep playing card games and with an impromptu dance between Kim and her father. The music played from a phone placed in his flannel pocket, and they danced to a recording he had of them singing together to George Strait’s “Cross My Heart” from when Kim was five.

I only stopped smiling when I crawled inside my tent and fell asleep.

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